Greely has over twenty five years experience as Ontario’s leading Utilities Infrastructure Construction Company. We have worked with industry leaders in hydro, sewer, gas, water, wind power, telecom and CATV, consistently providing innovative and customized solutions.


Our vision is simple. We are motivated by our passion to provide the highest-quality solutions to our clients that are always on time and on budget, while simultaneously providing the safest work zone for our employees.

Customer satisfaction is the Greely commitment.

Our People

We believe that we owe our success to our hard working, honest, and highly skilled employees. At Greely, we empower our team to be creative, innovative and professional in sourcing and delivering the best solutions for our clients. Our people have given us our top notch reputation as the leading Utilities Infrastructure Construction Company.


Safety is our top priority for both clients, public and staff. We effectively mitigate all risks to people and property through informed and educated decision making processes, safe working environments and fully insured employees. Moreover, our supervisors are always nearby or on-site to monitor and support our operations, prepared to provide innovative solutions to any problems that may arise.



Quality, Innovation and Safety are the guiding principles for every project we undertake. With the best tools, people and methods necessary for success, we are able to develop customized, specialized, and innovative solutions for each particular client. This is what has given us our world class reputation as the leading Utilities Infrastructure Construction Company.


We use the most adaptable technology in the industry. Every clients needs are distinct and we recognize and respect this with customized solutions based on initial project assessments.